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In today’s dynamic world, Apton Partitioning is revolutionising interior spaces with the elegance and functionality of glass partitions. These sleek, modern solutions offer an array of benefits, making them a top choice for office spaces globally.

Apton Partitioning stands out with unmatched levels of design excellence.

Choosing Apton Partitioning for your glass partition needs guarantees a blend of functionality, style, and innovation. Transform your environment today with our cutting-edge solutions.

Our glass partitions maximise the flow of natural light, creating bright, inviting environments. This not only reduces the reliance on artificial lighting but also boosts mood and productivity, a key advantage for any workspace.

Apton Partitioning offers a variety of designs and finishes, allowing glass partitions to enhance any interior décor. Fully bespoke, these partitions add a touch of elegance and professionalism.

Every project starts with a chat. Connect with our approachable consultants to start your conversation. They’re eager to converse about your project and engage members of our skilled team to ensure its success.



UK Manufactured

UK Manufactured

Coseley - Wolverhampton - West Midlands - UK


Office partitioning’s acoustic properties greatly influence workplace comfort. Sound insulating products like acoustic glazed doors reduce noise levels, enhancing concentration and privacy. Well-designed partitions effectively control sound transmission, creating a productive and peaceful environment for employees to thrive in.


Office partitioning with fire-resistant properties ensures workplace safety. Materials like gypsum and glass with fire-resistant properties offer protection, preventing the spread of flames and smoke. Such partitions contribute to a secure and compliant office environment.


Bespoke-designed office partitioning transforms spaces uniquely. Tailored materials, colors, and layouts align with branding and functional needs. Custom partitions blend aesthetics with functionality, fostering a distinctive and efficient work environment that reflects the company’s identity. Additionally, our technical staff will work closely with you to achieve your non-standard designs, ensuring that your vision is brought to life seamlessly.


At Apton Partitioning our customer service prioritises client vision. Expert teams collaborate closely, understanding layout requirements, aesthetic preferences, and functionality needs. Responsive communication ensures seamless integration of ideas, resulting in tailored and satisfying partitioning solutions.


Manufacturing office partitioning with recyclable materials like aluminum and glass offers eco-friendly advantages. Reduced resource consumption, lower emissions, and prolonged product life contribute to a sustainable choice that minimizes environmental impact, aligning with responsible business practices. Moreover, it’s worth noting that we have achieved ISO14001 certification for our environmental management systems (EMS), underscoring our commitment to maintaining rigorous environmental standards and sustainable manufacturing processes.


UK-manufactured office partitioning offers distinct advantages. It ensures higher quality control, faster delivery, and reduced carbon footprint due to shorter transportation distances. Supporting local industries promotes economic growth and fosters sustainability in workspace solutions.
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