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AP 101 Lay in Ceiling

AP 101 Lay in Ceiling Tiles are designed to be installed in conventional T grid system. This system is considered to be 100% accessible, a modular ceiling system in flat and recessed lay in & lay on tile and used specially in area where regular maintenance is needed such as kitchens, computer rooms, hospitals and offices etc. The AP 101 Lay in ceiling or panels are suitable to be fitted on different types of grid exposed system such as T24, T15mm. Materials can be either powder coated or pre painted metal sheet. Before selecting this system, care should be taken to ensure that there is enough space in the plenum to lift the tiles upwards.

AP 102 Clip in Ceiling

AP 102 Clip in Ceiling is the most widely used metal ceiling system. The tiles, manufactured to fine press tool tolerances are clipped into a concealed clip in grid system. Tiles are automatically levelled in the grid by special twin pip arrangements which are pressed into side the flanges of the tiles during manufacture.

AP 103 Linear Strip Ceiling

AP 103 Linear Strip Ceiling gives decorative style and modernity with square edge strips. AP 103 Linear Strip ceiling having closed and open panel strips showing a channel between strips depends upon your decoration needs. Sets of clips, hanging wires and metal ceiling strips are used for installation.

AP 104 Open Cell Ceiling

AP 104 Open Cell Ceiling is a range of aluminum open cell ceiling panels that are designed to lay onto 15mm grid system. Access is gained by simply lifting the panels out of the grid. Open Cell Ceiling blends in with the Tee grid to give a monolithic appearance.

AP 105 Design Ceiling

AP 105 Design Ceiling systems can be made in a variety of metals and techniques. Apton works with designers to create custom overhead systems, including interior ceiling design as well as exterior canopy and soffit systems.

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