AP 103 Linear Strip Ceiling gives decorative style and modernity with square edge strips. AP 103 Linear Strip ceiling having closed and open panel strips showing a channel between strips depends upon your decoration needs. Sets of clips, hanging wires and metal ceiling strips are used for installation.


  • This system give a smooth view depending on the decoration taste
  • This system can absorb high levels of noise and it can be used both internally and externally
  • The panels can be easily removed and replaced by using hooked-shaped tool allowing easy andfull access to the plenum.
  • Absence of dust retention and ease of cleaning make this ceiling (plain panel) ideal for anywherewhere hygiene is important


System: AP 103 Linear Strip Ceiling system
Tile Materials: Galvanised steel sheet (aluminum or other materials on request) Standard modules: 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm Grid System: AP 103 Carrier system
Coating: RAL 9010 pure white post – coated powder painted surface, anti-bacterial coating & other color available on request
Acoustic Inlay: Black non – woven acoustic fleece as standard. Other options available on request Perimeter Solution: Range standard Perimeter Trim in steel and aluminum available
Perforation: D. 1.5mm, D. 1.8mm, D. 2.5mm


Requested a pre 10am delivery, arrived at half past 8 and the driver was brilliant.

— M James

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