AP 101 Lay in Ceiling Tiles are designed to be installed in conventional T grid system. This system is considered to be 100% accessible, a modular ceiling system in flat and recessed lay in & lay on tile and used specially in area where regular maintenance is needed such as kitchens, computer rooms, hospitals and offices etc. The AP 101 Lay in ceiling or panels are suitable to be fi ed on different types of grid exposed system such as T24, T15mm. Materials can be either powder coated or pre painted metal sheet. Before selecting this system, care should be taken to ensure that there is enough space in the plenum to lift the tiles upwards.


  •  Easy to access panels
  • It’s widely used in contemporary interior design • Stable interlocking exposed grid system
  • Ceiling Lights and grilles easily integrated
  • Durable, washable, smooth polyester coating
  • Streamline design


System: AP 101 Lay in Ceiling system
Tile Materials: Galvanized steel sheet (aluminum or other materials on request)
Standard modules: 600 X 600mm, 600 X 1200mm, 300 X 1200mm
Grid System: AP 101 T24mm, T15mm Grid system
Coating: RAL 9010 pure white post – coated powder painted surface, anti-bacterial coating & other color available on request
Acoustic Inlay: Black non – woven acoustic fleece as standa d. Other options available on request Perimeter Solution: Range standard Perimeter Trim in steel and aluminum available
Shape: Tiles are square with out-turned flanges laid onto the exposed grid syste
Perforation: D. 1.5mm, D. 1.8mm, D. 2.5mm

Requested a pre 10am delivery, arrived at half past 8 and the driver was brilliant.

— M James

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